Orange Scented Almond and Olive Oil Muffins

The weekends tend to me my best moments of glory in the kitchen and I have been dying to try Giada’s recipe for orange scented almond and olive oil muffins. So after I finally found almond flour that didn’t cost $12 for a 1 lb bag I was on my way to making these muffins that I so desperately craved.

The recipe took just a few minutes to whip up and even when I was mixing the ingredients together the house instantly smelled delicious.

I hate when people change half of the recipe and then say they don’t like it BUT I did make one substitution and that was I used regular non fat yogurt instead of Greek yogurt. This was mainly because we don’t usually eat Greek yogurt so I didn’t want a lot of left of yogurt we wouldn’t end up eating.

Either way, the results were amazing and I would definitely recommend making them.


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