Healthy Breakfast Egg Sandwich

Saturday mornings I usually make pancakes or waffles but this past Saturday I decided to try my own version of a healthy breakfast egg sandwich. Since we eat fairly healthy in our house and the bf is a vego my take on it was a little different than most.

Ingredients I used:

1. Egg whites

2. A super healthy English muffin – found at Trader Joe’s

3. Tofu

4. Almond cheese, Jalapeño flavor – found at Whole Foods

5. Soy chorizo – found at Whole Foods or Trader Joes

6. Avocado

7. Tabasco sauce – we always have at least 15 different flavors of sauces in our fridge but I used the smoke flavor6. Avocado












1. Pour ¼ cup of egg whites into an egg ring on the stove

2. Cook two slices of tofu on the stovetop and then after one side is cooked add the almond cheese (almond cheese takes much longer to melt than normal cheese so give it enough time)

3. Cook a few thinly cut slices of soy chorizo and cook on the stove top

4. Lightly toast English muffins

5. Cut avocado while food is cooking

When it is all ready you just need to assemble. The bf got the tofu with avocado and I made myself the chorizo without avocado. Both were delicious and this will definitely become a weekend staple.

Bon Appétit.

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