Korres Yogurt Cream Moisturizer

I was in desperate search of a really great face lotion and turned to my cosmetics guru in the office to recommend a few good ones for me. I searched online for hours and read tons of reviews just to make sure I got the best one possible.  I believe it is very important to treat your face to nice products because you only get once chance at taking care of it.

I finally decided on the Korres Yogurt Cream moisturizer that can be found at Sephora.  I initially did not like it all because it wasn’t providing my face with the nourishment that I thought it needed and my face was constantly dry.   I went back in to the store to talk to the consultants about it and after a few questions about my dryness they told me that I needed a different face wash that exfoliated my face.  Since using the new face wash I simply love the Korres moisturizer.  It comes in a very small jar and you just need a little dab to cover the entire face.

It leaves my face feeling so smooth and soft and I love the way that it smells. I started using it during the sweltering heat that northern California summer brings and have even been using it during the beginning stages of the fall and winter months so it is a great crossover moisturizer!

I would definitely recommend this anybody who is in search of a new moisturizer.

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