Krochet Kids International

Have you heard of the Krochet Kids International? I love organizations that incorporate every day things and sell them for a good cause (check out my post on TOMS). I saw a commercial the other day about the Krocket Kids and thought I HAD to check it out.

The story goes- three guys in high school starting crocheting their own beanies, which sounds a bit strange, but they were avid snow boarders and loved the idea of having their own custom beanies on the mountain. Friends starting requesting custom orders and soon after their local newspaper featured an article on them.

They parted ways in college but after a summer of volunteering in developing nations they realized they wanted to make a difference. A friend suggested they teach women in poverty how to crochet as a means of breaking the “cycle of poverty.” After a summer in Uganda one of the friends realized that a simple thing such a crocheting could change the lives of these families living in fear and poverty.

Now women in Uganda crochet hats for an honest wage and sign each one they make as a personal touch. As the Krochet Kids would say, buy a hat, change a life.

Visit their website to learn all about their story and shop for their products!


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