Foster Failure

About two months ago my boyfriend and I were on the couch watching tv and I fell asleep in my usual fashion. He has wanted a cat for years and I constantly have told him no way (I hate cats)! Well, while I was asleep he saw one of those commercials about fostering cats. Allegedly he asked me if we could do this and I said yes, but that is still up for debate.

So, a few days later he went to an orientation and then a few days after that he got a call from the local SPCA asking if we wanted to foster a cat. Being the nice girlfriend that I am I agreed to it and the bf was on his way to get Charlie.

I do my introductions with Charlie and find that he recently had his leg amputated, he was on a drip twice a day, needed ear infection meds, cold meds, and was just learning how to walk with three legs. SPECIAL!

After a few days of not even knowing how to properly hold a cat, I fell in love with sweet little Charlie and he stole my heart. We fostered him for a total of four weeks and the day we had to give him back I cried like a baby. I cried when I saw the pet mobile from the SPCA at the local farmers market, I had dreams about him and I was showing people pictures of him as if he were my own child or something.

I knew then that I had to go back and get our foster kitty Charlie. As they say in the biz, I am now a foster failure but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Charlie is the best cat ever and has characteristics of a dog, so I guess it is win win for me.

Everyone at the SPCA was so wonderful and two of the volunteers starting crying when I told them I was adopting Charlie; they even found it sweeter knowing that I was previously his foster mom. I definitely encourage everyone to try out fostering or volunteering for a local SPCA – it is such a rewarding thing to do.

Ciaran has some great shots of Charlie on his Flickr page –

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