WiseStamp – A Cool Email Signature App

In this day and age if you aren’t into social media of some sort you may as well be living under a rock. Gone are the days of boring email signatures with the same old font as the body of your email. I have started using this really good email app called WiseStamp that transforms your email signature into your own personal social media updates. This personalized touch allows you to customize your signature with your most recent Tweet, Facebook update, blog post, Flickr upload, Linkedin update and more! Even cooler, people who receive an email from you with your own personal social media stream can Retweet or follow you in the Twitter App!

How to get the WiseStamp App to your Email:

1. Go to their website.

2. Download a browser add-on (Firefox, Chrome or Safari).

3. Once you download it you can choose which social media channels you want to include such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Ebay, personal blogs and so much more.

4. The add-on will work with Gmail, YahooMail, Hotmail or AOL email accounts.

Go ahead and give it a try…you will love the new look of your email signature!


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