Pumpkin Carving…An American Tradition for a Kiwi

Well, I am American so it is safe to assume that I LOVE holidays. I love everything about holidays from decorating the house, to making desserts that represent that holiday, to dressing up, the music and more. Holidays always put me in a great mood.

This year was the first year that Ciaran has been in the states to celebrate Halloween so naturally I introduced him to the joy of carving a pumpkin! We unfortunately didn’t make it to a pumpkin patch this year to pick one out but we managed to get one while at Ciaran’s favorite store. Can you guess what it is?! We bought the pumpkin carving kit so we could make something really cool and not the old school triangle eyes and nose jack o’ lantern.

We first laid out paper bags on the floor so we didn’t make a huge mess. Then, Ciaran cut the top off so he would be able to get the guts out and get our candle inside. After carefully choosing a design (one that was cool but still easy enough to complete on his first attempt) he was on his way. I let him do everything so he could get into the spirit of Halloween as he can be a bit of a scrooge when it comes to any holiday! 

Ciaran decided on a cat (a shout out to our beloved 3 legged foster cat Charlie) and was on his way. About an hour later (yes that long!) Ciaran’s masterpiece was complete. All in all he had a great time carving his first pumpkin but had no idea how difficult it really was.

I forget sometimes that the rest of the world doesn’t share in many of our traditions over here (insert American joke here) so I’m still trying to teach him the rules of having a jack o’ lantern.

Things he will know for next year:

The jack o lantern goes outside your house on the porch by your front door not on your kitchen counter.

The neighbor across the way will not steal it.

The pumpkin does not need to be brought inside every night for safe keepings.

Happy Halloween!

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