Whole Foods – My Favorite Place to Shop

I seriously love Whole Foods and I am not quite sure how I lived without it for so long. Sure I’ve lived near Trader Joes and fantastic farmers markets but Whole Foods trumps them all.

I love the huge selection of healthy and interesting foods they always have, and being that I used to live in Darwin which is an incredibly expensive place to buy food, the prices at Whole Foods don’t seem outrageous to me at all.

A few months back I came across a hilarious video spoofed about Whole Foods and their funny tiny shopping carts, the hybrid cars you see in the parking lot and so much more. I crack up whenever I watch the video. Though it wasn’t made by Whole Foods, it will definitely give you a good laugh, especially if you frequent the store.


The local Whole Foods has recently started a campaign for the Placer SPCA (which we all know I am a huge fan of). For every like they get on their Facebook fan page they will donate $1 to the SPCA and I think that is just amazing.

I was in the store recently buying some holiday flowers among a few other odds and ends and was just in a state of bliss roaming around aimlessly waiting for our dinner to be ready from the pizza station. While searching for cat food for Charlie the staff were really helpful in directing us to the right isle, the pizza chef at the pizza station was so friendly and helpful when we were making a half meat half vegan pizza and the staff member at the checkout station was so friendly when we were discussing alternative cheeses he even offered to walk us back to the cheese isle to show us which cheese he was talking about. The staff at Whole Foods are not only incredibly friendly and helpful but you can see that they all genuinely love their jobs and I think that is amazing. The staff is one of the reasons I keep going back…oh and for the delicious food too.


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