Christmas Flowers

I’m a huge fan of Christmas but have decided to not get a tree this year. Our apartment is really too small to fit a large tree in it and I don’t want to buy ornaments for a small tree and then not have enough matching ones next year when I buy a big tree (A total nightmare for someone with OCD). And, there is absolutely no storage in our apartment so I have no idea where I would store all of the Christmas tree ornaments. On top of that, we will be out of town for 10 days prior to Christmas for a cruise out of New Orleans so I don’t want to leave an unattended tree for all that time.

So, my alternative option was to buy really amazing holiday floral arrangements and have them around the house. They smell just as good and fresh as a tree does and add a bit of flare to the place to give it that Christmas feel. I got my recent bouquet at Whole Foods and it is simply stunning. I actually saw it while I was at the store getting something for lunch and rushed over after work to pick it up. I love it and the bf  is excited he doesn’t have to participate in decorating a tree and everything else that goes along with getting a tree!

Besides, I don’t know how Charlie would feel with a large foreign object taking over his territory.

Happy holidays!


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