Christmas is Near

First I was going to decorate the house like a mad woman for Christmas, then decided I wasn’t going to decorate at all and after this past weekend I decided a small tree was in order to get us in to the spirit just a little bit! Our place is far too small for a big tree so this cute little guy did the trick. Ciaran, aka The Grinch even got in to the spirit just a little bit and was on camera duties while I assembled the lights and the ornaments. Not that he was interested in putting ornaments on the tree anyways but I probably wouldn’t have let him in the first place and if I did I would have either cringed the entire time or fixed it when he wasn’t looking! Let’s just say that the ONE ornament he picked out didn’t even make it on the tree, but I’m still not sure how that happened. 🙂









Our tree is now assembled and displayed nicely in our living room with all of our presents wrapped and ready to go.  I am a bit OCD when it comes to wrapping and bows and I had a huge freak out when I realized the Ho Ho Ho on one of the presents was upside down in the pictures…the horror!









We even got Charlie in on the fun and bought him a little Santa hat that he loved…or did he hate it? Either way, Charlie looked adorable in the hat and we got some cute pictures in it. Can you say kitty torture!?









Merry Christmas from Ciaran, Andrea and Charlie!

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