Home Sweet Home

I am excited to say that we are officially home owners. This is something we have talked about and worked hard to accomplish for a few years now. We bought a cute little two bedroom two bath condo in suburbia California, but the suburban life style isn’t too bad. 🙂 I enjoy my proximity to the fancy grocery stores, malls and to all my activities I am involved in such as the Placer SPCA, indoor volleyball, beach/grass volleyball and boot camp.

We have lived like nomads for the past 5.5 years so we have never been able to settle down in one place and make it a home. Decorating, hanging pictures, painting and installing storage shelves in the garage is going to be so much fun and I can’t wait to put my own touch (I mean our – hehe) on things.

This new place is going to perfect for our current little family. Charlie is going to have extra space to roam around and explore and a little yard he might one day get brave enough to play in and Ciaran will get his very own office to work in. For me, I get a nice big closet which is all I need to keep me happy. Gone are the days where I have to store off season clothes in plastic bins!

I’m looking forward to the day I can say we are all moved in and the place is decorated just how we want it. But for now, I am just happy to say we are home owners.




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