Ciaran’s Quest to Find His Father

My amazing fiance is on a quest to find his father after nearly 25 years apart from one another. Rather than me try to ramble on about his quest, I have copied Ciaran’s blog about the journey onto this post.

Finding Remon

I was raised by my mother. By herself. Sometimes with only a few dollars to live off. While some say this isn’t ideal, I would disagree. I have been blessed with a safe, healthy upbringing and I now have a good job, am well-educated and live the dream more days than not.

My character was bred into me by my mother who hauled her 2-year-old son around while she delivered newspapers so she could afford to buy me treats and toys. She taught me frugality by lending me $50 for my first wetsuit (a bright green spring suit that was the height of fashion in 1991!), a loan which I paid back in $2 increments by keeping tally on the fridge. When I got into trouble as a 7-year-old for distributing condoms at my primary school, she had my back, vehemently declaring to the principal “at least he knows what condoms are for!” For this I am grateful.

But this post is not about my mother.

This post is about my father.

Ciaran and Remon circa 1984

My father, Remon Girsang, is a native Indonesian who met my mother in Bali and… well… you don’t want to know (but if you ever meet my mother, she will be delighted to embarrass me with the story)… Needless to say I was born.

My life has been mostly fatherless, and although I have not been disadvantaged by this, I feel that the stars have aligned and I now have the opportunity and the resources to track him down. I am departing on my adventure on Tuesday the 1st of May, starting in Medan and making my way into the Dairi province in Northern Sumatera and who-knows-where-else! Luckily I have my faithful fiancée joining me on my quest.

So I am going to ask you a favour. I have compiled all the information I know about my father into a simple graphic and I would humbly ask if you can post this anywhere and everywhere; post it on Facebook, on Twitter, on your blog, send to your email groups and if you know Indonesians, please send it to them.

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Or you can use this link to share from Google Docs.

If by chance you can put this into a blog post, here is the text:



My name is Ciaran Mahoney and I am trying to find information about my father, Remon Girsang. Although I know him by is Remon Girsang, he may also use the name Remon Sihombing. I have not seen him since he lived with me and my mother (Chris Mahoney) in Auckland, New Zealand in 1985. His date of birth is 3 December 1956 (age: 55) and he is known to have travelled around Indonesia from Kuta to Kalimantan to Iran Jaya after he left New Zealand about 25 years ago.

His family comes from Dairi in Sumatera-Utara, near Lake Toba, and I believe they are subsistence coffee farmers. He had an older brother by the name of Turman Girsang who used to work for Blue Star Taxis in Jakarta. He also had a cousin named Marudin Sinaga who lived in Jakarta and some family members used to own a shop called Naga Fashions in Pasar Impres Senen Blok IV (a shopping centre) on street Jalan Senen Raya in Jakarta Pusat (central Jakarta).

I will be in the area of Dairi and Medan on the 1st of May 2012 so I am hoping that I can find some remaining Girsang or Sihombing family members who can assist me in finding my father. The photos on the right are of me and Remon when we lived in Kalimantan when I was about 2 years old and below are more recent photos of me and my Fiancée Andrea.

If you have any information I would appreciate it. You can contact me by email, phone: + 61 449 847 727, Twitter: @zhoommarketing, Facebook: or by post: GPO Box 2776, Darwin, NT 0801, Australia.

Thank you for your time

Ciaran Mahoney


And here is the information with more detail and broken down a bit more:


About My Father

Name: Remon Girsang. He may have also use the name Sihombing.

Birthday: 3 December 1956 – age: 55

He met my mother while in Bali around 1982.

Girsang Family Members:

Possibly 2 older brothers and 2 older sisters

Older brother named Turman Girsang was a taxi driver in Jakarta for Blue Star or maybe Blue Bird taxis.

He had a cousin named Marudin Sinaga who also lived in Jakarta.

The Girsang family were subsistence coffee farmers in Dairi. We don’t know the name of the farm or exactly where in Dairi.

Some cousins had a small clothing shop in Jakarta. Some of my mother’s friends visited the shop in about 1990 and found some family members with photos of me and my mother. Apparently the shopping centre was partially burnt down in 2010 but has since been rebuilt. The address of the shop was:

Naga (or Naja) Fashions,

Pasar Impres Senen, Blok VI (shopping mall name, blok VI may be shop number)

Lot A No. 17-18 Ta (probably a location inside the shopping mall. No such 17-18 anymore, only numbers 102-194)

Jalan Senen Raya (street name)

Jakarta Pusat (Central Jakarta)

Link to the location of the shopping centre where the shop used to be:

About me:

Full name: Ciaran Sean Mahoney

Born: London, England, 25 May 1983

Citizenship: New Zealand. Currently living in Darwin, Australia.

Mother: Chris Mahoney

Contact details:

+61 449 847 727


Postal address: GPO Box 2776, Darwin, NT, 0801, Australia

To anyone who helps me on my journey, thank you in advance. I hope I can find who and what I am looking for!

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