Glitter Mason Jars

I recently saw something on Pinterest about mason jars that are half dipped in gold glitter and I thought it was the cutest idea ever. I couldn’t really find any tutorials so I decided to try it out for myself so I could use them for my upcoming engagement party.


12 mason jars with an extra wide top

1 bottle of glue that is good for glitter crafts (I used Martha Stewart)

Large bottle of gold glitter

1 can of spray acrylic sealer

1 paint brush

Blue painters tape

Tray (for pouring glitter over and to shield sealer)

Small bowl (I used an old tupperware container)

1 spoon

1 tarp, painters sheet or something to catch glitter, glue and sealer

Measuring tape


1. Lay out painters sheet over the surface where you will be working.

2. Get tray out and pour glitter in small bowl.

3. Take the lids off the jars and set aside.

4. Using the measuring tape, measure two inches from the top of the jar and tape off with painters tape.

5. Using the paint brush, brush glue over the bottom portion of the jar.

6. Using the spoon, spoon out glitter from the bowl and shake over the wet paint on the mason jar.  Shake off any excess.

7. Set aside the jar to let dry.

8. After you have finished all the jars and they have dried, lightly spray the acrylic sealer over the glittered portion of the jar. Repeat this step 2 more times but make sure the jar is dry each time you spray the sealer. (Tip – use the tray to put behind the jar while spraying the sealer so it doesn’t get everywhere)

9. Once they are dry, remove the painters tape and voila!

I will be using these jars for an upcoming event by attaching some wire to the top of the jar and hooking them on to shepherds hooks and adding flowers.


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