I Heart Water Skiing

My love for water skiing is undeniable. When I was less than 24 hours old I attended my first water ski tournament, when I was 6 I skied on top of my dad’s jump skis, when I was 7 I got up on double skis and by the time I was 8 I was on a single ski. I spent every single summer after that water skiing nearly every day and the only days I wasn’t skiing was when my mom grounded me for getting sun burnt (yes, that really happened!).

Unfortunately I do not get out on the boat as much as I’d like and my little 5 year stint of traveling the world kind of got in the way but either way, whenever I get back on the water it feels like there isn’t anything else in the world that matters.  For something that looks so effortless it is funny how quickly you get tired. A mere 6 passes through the course (which is 6 buoy’s each pass = about 30 seconds each pass) and I am toast!

I pulled the picture off my about me page and had a picture of me taken this past weekend and put them side by side just for a fun little comparison. Funny enough, I was better, had better form and more confidence when I was 18. My excuse is that I practiced much more often than I do now! 🙂


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