Where have I been?

Well, two and a half years have gone by without a blog post. That is just crazy and not acceptable. So much has happened in those 2.5 years. I got engaged, bought a condo, went to Indonesia to meet Ciaran’s family, got married (twice), got pregnant, adopted another cat and had a baby.

We went through the craziest process to get Ciaran’s fiance visa and then his green card. Once it was approved and after waiting 10 months, we had 90 days to legally marry. We decided to do a small civil ceremony at my dad’s lake, Eagal Lakes Resort, and included a handful of family. We were lucky enough to get the very talented Matthew James Photography to capture the day, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the amazing photos we have.

Civil Ceremony

About eight months later, we had our wedding that included friends and family from around the world. We go married at Northstar Resort in North Lake Tahoe and we had a blast. We got married in the middle of the mountain, took a gondola up and partied the night away. I will be sure to post more about each wedding in a separate post.

Our wedding at Northstar, Lake Tahoe

We had a fantastic 3.5 week honeymoon in Europe, despite me having the most insane morning (aka all day) sickness ever. I had no idea I was pregnant at the time, but it all makes sense now.

In Verona, vising Romeo & Juliet

I had a great pregnancy and even did a weekly update over on what was originally our wedding website. My delivery story was pretty hilarious (more on that later) and now we have this awesome little girl Harlow (more on her later too).

39 weeks and about to pop

I’ve decided my current job is not something I am willing to do forever so I’ve decided to bite the bullet, go back to school and get my teaching credential. Working full time, studying, raising a baby and trying to find time to have a life is a little bit of a struggle, but I am making it work.

I can’t wait to start posting more updates on everything that has been going on!

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