DIY Advent Calendar

I really wanted to make my own advent calendar this year. I have very limited space in my house to hang one, so that definitely limited my options on what I could do. I wanted it to be something I could reuse year after year, so having something somewhat durable was part of the criteria.   If you check out my Christmas Pinterest board you can see my inspirations. Ultimately I decided this one was best for me and I used these cards as my inspiration.

This project cost me $5, mainly because I had all the supplies on hand except the burlap ribbon.


1 Polka dot burlap ribbon – (The brand is the Robert Stanley collection – 15ft and 4 inches in width). I bought this at Hobby Lobby and it is currently 50% off (so $5). This is probably sold at Michael’s as well. The ribbon also comes in chevron and a variety of colors.
2.Hot glue gun
3. Twine
4. Card stock – I had red left over from another craft project and then I spray painted white paper with some left over gold spray I have from a baby shower project I did a few weeks ago.
5. Star hole punch – I had a star hole punch from another project, but you can easily cut out any shape you like, or perhaps use stickers. If you used stickers you will probably need to hot glue them to the burlap, as I doubt they will stick.
6. Card stock for the quotes/action items – I made these in InDesign but can easily be made in Word. I had made well wishes cards for a baby shower so I was lazy and just used the template and font and changed the words. I tried to coordinate the activity with the phrase on the card. So if it said “tree” our action would be take a picture in front of the tree or put an ornament on the tree.
7. Ruler


(Side note: I forgot to take pictures of the process for this actual advent calendar, so I have re-created it with a different type of ribbon.)

1. I cut the ribbon in 8 inch increments. This only made 24, so I would suggest cutting them in 7.5 inch increments to get 25.

2. Fold the ribbon in half and hot glue the sides shut. I did allow for a flap in the front, so I left about ¼ inch unglued so I could fold it over.
3. Fold over the “flap” and hot glue the sides of that. I also put a dab in the middle of the flap to keep it secure.


4. While those cool down, hole punch stars out of the paper of your choice.
5. Write numbers on them. I wish I had cuter pens on hand to do this, but I didn’t want to spend the money or go to the store so I just used a fine point sharpie.
6.Hot glue the stars on to each burlap sack.
7. There is not much space in our house to hang this, so I had to do mine in 5 rows. You could very well do one long string and do it across your mantle if you have the space. I flipped the sacks so the front was on the table and glued the top of the back and put twine over the glue. Do this until all are completed.

8. Print out your cards, cut them, and write whatever you would like on them. A few examples of what I wrote were to make a Christmas ornament, do a random act of kindness, make a donation to your local charity, sing Christmas songs, call somebody to say hi and wish them happy holidays, take a picture with santa, go look at Christmas lights, etc.
9. Put the cards in each sack and you are done.

Three of these photos were taken by Ciaran and noted in the description. The rest are crappy pictures taken on my cell phone.


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