Christmas Banner

I have a thing for banners to the point where my husband commented on the fact that I make a banner for every single occasion possible. What can I say, they are cheap and easy to make.

For my Christmas banner, I chose the phrase “Be Merry.” I chose this phrase mainly because I had a short amount of time to get a banner prepared for our Holiday Christmas shoot. Other options you may choose are Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Joy, Peace or Cheers.

The level of difficulty for this banner is E.A.S.Y. Even if you don’t have a crafty bone in your body, you can do this.


The supplies that you will need are:

1. Card stock in two colors
2. Stickers
3. Double Sided tape
4. Twine
5. Ruler
6. Hole punch (don’t use one with the standard size, get one that punches a smaller hole)


I don’t use a template and kind of eye ball/free hand the shape I want.

1. I first get out the stickers and I place it on the card stock that will be the smaller size. From the edge, I determine how much space I want showing, usually about 1/4 inch. I place the sticker down and from there, using a ruler, draw the rest of my shape. You can see I did a few attempts until I got it just how I like it.

2. Once I cut out the shape, I tape the small piece of card stock on to what will be the larger piece. In this case, the white on to the red piece. Again, I eye ball how much space I want from the red and white and re-cut the shape allowing about 1/4 inch.

3. Hole punch two holes on the top of each letter and string the twine through. If you have a Cricut, or something simpler, your life will be much easier when doing this. Obviously, I do not have one.

4. Hang it up and you are done.

*I need to put something in between each word, but this was a quick throw together banner for a photo shoot we did the other night. You can see all of the cute pictures over on Ciaran’s blog.


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