Civil Ceremony

Since Ciaran is originally from New Zealand, we had to go through the most intense process ever to get his finace visa. I swear, by the end of it, I knew every law there was to get a green card in this country. Seriously, if you ever need help with it send me a message and I will be happy to help. Because lets be honest, those government sites are not all that helpful and lead you on this crazy journey in to the land of clicking link after link where you continue to find new information. Without one glitch, the process took ten months all together. That meant ten months apart, which was pure hell. I bought the condo, moved in and established roots in our first home all on my own. Well, me and our three legged cat, Charlie, but he wasn’t much help.

Anyways, because of the uncertainty and unknown of the visa, I had two weeks to put together our civil ceremony. I luckily had bought this gorgeous white dress from Zara while I was meeting Ciaran’s family for the first time. I had some pearls that were my mom’s and my Aunt Tracy loaned me some of hers as well. We were so lucky to snag up one of the best photographers I have ever come across, Matthew James. Seriously, if you live in Northern California I highly recommend them.

We got married at my dad’s lake, a place that is not only dear to my heart because of all the memories I have out there, but also because it is so beautiful. Our ceremony was short and sweet. Literally less than a minute. Our very closest family members came, we chatted before the start time and right before it was to start, my family decided to hum hear comes the bride. I was adamant this was supposed to be no fuss, so I didn’t even organize music. In hindsight, it was such a fun moment that I will never forget.

We took some family shots with the lake in the background and did some on the beach. From there, we drove Matthew James around the property and got some awesome shots.

My aunt has a beautiful home and she hosted everyone afterwards for a dinner celebration.

Though this is not the day we celebrate our actual anniversary, it was a very special day and will be a day I never forget.


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