Meeting Santa

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I have officially kicked off the Christmas season. I love real Christmas trees, but with a baby who is on the verge of crawling and that puts everything in her mouth, we opted for a very little, fake tree (tear). I think for future years this will be her tree that she is able to put her own ornaments on (aka not ruin my pretty tree with kid ornaments (<– mean mom!).

Today was the first day of our advent calendar activities.  I made my own this year with the hope that Harlow learns from an early age that Christmas is not just a time to receive presents. I want her to love the holiday and also learn how to give back to others.

For our first day, we took pictures with Santa. She wasn’t scared of Santa at all, but she wasn’t really willing to smile either, mainly because she was more interested in all of the action going on around her. Between multiple Christmas trees, oversized ornaments, disco balls and tons of shoppers, we couldn’t get the girl to crack a smile.

Better luck next year!


{Harlow’s top is from Gymboree, tutu is from Target, socks from Baby Gap and the headband is from an Etsy shop, Posies Handmade)

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