Decorating the Christmas Tree

I swore I would never get a fake tree, not under any circumstances. Well, that theory went out the window, as do most, once you have a baby.

Harlow is on the verge of crawling and that girl just loves to put anything and everything in her mouth. With that being said, I decided that getting a real tree, one that is usually far too large for our tiny living room, just wasn’t a good idea this year.

Decorating the Christmas tree
Harlow is ready to help with the decorating!

I found a really cheap one ($15 actually) on sale at Target. It is about 6 feet tall, but super skinny. It is actually the perfect size for Harlow to have as her own tree for future Christmas’s.

Decorating the Christmas tree
Harlow playing with the (plastic) ornaments.

We cranked up the Christmas music on Pandora, got all the lights and ornaments out and got to work. I did the actual decorating of the tree, Harlow played with the plastic ornaments, the cats freaked out (naturally) and Ciaran lurked in the background taking pictures of the action.

Moe is not a fan of the decorating!
Moe is not a fan of the decorating!

It definitely doesn’t have quite the impact that a large, fresh tree has, but it will do for this year. It is still up and we are slowly getting into the Christmas spirit. Harlow even wore a cute Santa outfit that her friend Gianna gave her and I naturally coordinated as best I could without it being too obvious!

Our tree, in progress.
Our tree, in progress.

I just ordered her an adorable personalized stocking from Ballard Designs and am anxiously awaiting its arrival!

{Harlow’s outfit is from Carter’s and her bow is from an awesome Etsy shop, Posies Handmade}


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