Weekend Fun

Ciaran was out of town this weekend at a rugby tournament, so Harlow and I were on our own. We went to my dad’s lake on Saturday (where we spend most weekends actually) and spent the day swimming, playing in the sand, riding golf carts (her absolute favorite) and running around the grass like a mad woman. It is always an exhausting day (for mama) chasing after her and keeping a close eye on her by the water, but she has so much fun, it is worth it.

Harlow Sippin on Water at the Bar

Sippin on water at the bar

Zebra romper | Flip Flops

Harlow at the Beach

*This picture is actually from two weeks ago. I didn’t have enough eyes and hands to watch her by the water and take pictures.

Watermelon bathing suit

Eagal Lakes

*This picture is actually from a few weeks ago also but it was too cute not to post. I didn’t have enough eyes and hands to watch her by the water and take pictures.

Pineapple bathing suit

On Sunday we went to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum which is a little local wildlife rescue center by our house.  She wasn’t all that in to it to be perfectly honest and she actually had more fun drawing with chalk on the chalkboard outside. Oh well, maybe next time.

Harlow at Lindsay Wildlife Museum

Banana Romper

Harlow at Lindsay Wildlife Museium

We are looking forward to this coming weekend and spending Labor Day at the lake. Ciaran is currently the reigning champion of the weekly paddle board races and he will have to defend his honor which might be hard after a few drinks, lol. There will also be live music and we may even attempt camping – but that is still up for debate!

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