Morning Routine

Every morning seems like a fire drill. The rush to get everyone ready and out the door by 7am is a total struggle. I am by no means a morning person, and it usually takes me a good 15 minutes before I can even function. Up until very recently, I have let Ciaran wake up with Harlow and start getting the two of them ready while I stay back in bed. This usually leads to Ciaran ready 15 minutes before me trying to hustle me out of the door without any makeup on or half dressed. I always promise I am ready while I am running around trying to find shoes and my purse.


I’ve started implementing a few tricks to make the morning a little less stressful. These tips and tricks are no brainers, but it is amazing how much time is saved just by doing them.

  1. Harlow wakes up around 6:45 every day (I know we are lucky), so I have started setting my alarm for 6:15 to be up before her. Doing this allows me to fully wake up and start getting myself ready. She is in the stage where she is absolutely glued to me, so most mornings I am getting ready with her on my hip while I am trying to do my hair and makeup one handed. Being able to do this without her saves so much time.
  2. Daycare provides lunch, but due to her dietary restrictions, we have to send it some days. I really try to mimic the lunches the school is having so she doesn’t feel left out. Therefore, I pack everything the night before so it is ready to go in the morning.
  3. We give Harlow a pouch and a Ella’s finger bar for breakfast. They are in the kitchen, but I now leave them in the bathroom (where we all get ready) the night before so I don’t have to walk out to the kitchen when she is screaming for food. Does it take long to walk to the kitchen? No. But having it ready to go in the bathroom where we keep a high chair saves just a little bit of time.
  4. Set out my outfit the night before. I’m always finding myself in a panic over not having anything to wear in the morning. To avoid the stress of finding an outfit, and then anything that is clean, I choose an outfit the night before, shoes and all and lay it on my dresser. We have recently moved and most of my shoes are still in boxes. One morning I spent 15 minutes just trying to find my leopard flats. The struggle!
  5. I now have a basket by the front door for all of our commuting stuff. We take the bart in to San Francisco, so we both use backpacks. I bring my laptop and paperwork home every night, so I make sure everything is packed up (purse included) the night before so I am not scrambling to get it all together while running out the door in the morning.
  6. Choose Harlow’s outfit the night before and lay it out. I always check the weather the night before since we are transitioning seasons and some days it is 95 and others it is 65. With the outfit laid out, Ciaran can get her dressed (in a mom approved outfit) while I finish getting ready. I also lay out her shoes, hair brush, hair tie and tooth brush so it is all easily found for dad.

And there you have it. A few tricks to make our crazy mornings a little less stressful.


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