Harlow’s Newborn Photos

Like my maternity photo shoot post, I am sharing some of Harlow’s newborn photo shoot, albeit 16 months later. It is actually fun to write this post and look back at how tiny she was and how much she has changed since those newborn days. Harlow was about 4 or 5 days old in these pictures.

Harlow's Newborn Shoot

Harlow's Newborn Shoot

We knew we would be doing our own monthly photo shoots, and you can actually see a few of them over on Ciaran’s blog (arrival, one month, three months, four months, five months, random park photo shoot, vintage park photo shoot, six months, fall photo shoot, seven months, Christmas photos, eight months), so we opted out of the packages that included newborn, 6 month and 1 year sessions. And looking back at some of those posts I have to admit I look totally haggard and exhausted, but that is real life/new mom life, right? It took me a few months to find someone with a style I liked and at an affordable price. I had no idea how expensive baby photography is (although, after seeing how much work it is, I totally understand and respect it). I booked our photographer a few months in advance (she books up quickly) and as my due date came and went (I was nearly 2 weeks late), I had to keep emailing her pushing out her date.

Harlow's Newborn Shoot

Harlow's Newborn Shoot

The whole newborn stage and first days at home with a baby are seriously exhausting. I envisioned looking so glamorous and having my hair beautifully curled to get those magical mother daughter photos, but alas, that did not happen. I even thought I might do my hair the night before in case we had a rough morning, which we did. Well that idea went out the window and sleep won. Sleep always wins.

Harlow's Newborn Shoot

Harlow's Newborn Shoot

Our appointment was first thing in the morning. I did my makeup on the way and my greasy hair was literally thrown back in a bun. Really!? I put the address wrong in to our GPS which made us 30 minutes late. I felt awful, especially because our photographer had to get a babysitter for our session and only hired her (the babysitter) for 2 hours. Then about 15 minute in to the shoot Harlow needed to eat which took a good 20 minutes. Then as the photographer put Harlow in a brand new outfit she had just bought, Harlow pooped ALL over it. It was literally the first time the photographer had ever used it. And it was this delicate lace that needed special care. All of that ate in to a good hour + of our shoot and we ended up going an hour later. As it was ending we were going to do some family pictures. And then, that is when Harlow lost her shit. The bloodcurdling screams that came out my brand new little human were out of this world. The photographer assured us baby will calm down for mommy and daddy. Nope. The screams escalated.

Harlow's Newborn Shoot

So the sweet newborn family photos I envisioned were not the best. My hair was greased down and stuck to my head, the bags under my eyes were out of this world, and our sweet little newborn baby cried for a good portion of the shoot.

We still got beautiful images of Harlow and that’s all that really matters!

*All photos were taken by Lisa Anne Photography and all of Harlow’s outfits are from Lisa Anne Photography.

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