Harlow at 16-17 months

Harlow is at such a fun age. She is like a sponge and I swear every day she has learned something new. We haven’t had a check up lately (we will have a check up in a month) so we don’t know her current stats.

Here is snap shot of Harlow at 16-17 months:

Favorite toys – Truth be told, she doesn’t like a lot of toys at the moment. She would rather play with random stuff from around the house and explore boxes and shopping bags. We actually haven’t bought her a toy since we flew to New Zealand & Australia when she was 11 months old and she hasn’t received a new toy since her first birthday at 12 months. The few toys she likes to play with are a shopping cart, play food, anything she can push (she still pushes a Christmas gift she got, Ella the Elephant, as we have named her) and reading books.

16 month favorites

Shopping cart | Food | Elephant | Book

Favorite food – This girl is a human garbage disposal. She currently eats anything and everything (I hope that sticks) but her favorites are avocado, strawberries, grapes, carrots, hummus, cheese & almond butter & jelly sandwiches. She is decent at using a fork and spoon, but prefers to use her hands because she can shovel the food in her mouth faster that way.

Most commonly used words – Ya (says it non stop), Mama, daddy, cat, Moe (our cat), go, no, oh no, dog, cheese, thank you (kind of), more, ball, balloon & bubbles. She can also sign more, all done & sleep.

harlow at 16 months

Personality – She is seriously the sweetest girl ever. She is such a lover and constantly is giving cuddles, lip kisses & blows air kisses. She is a good helper and likes to help clean up by either throwing away garbage, putting things away in the fridge or cleaning up a mess with a cloth.  She also loves to put items in things such as bags, boxes or any sort of container really. And lastly, and most exhausting (for mama) is that this girl never ever sits still. Like never ever. She is constantly on the go.

Random tid bits – She has super curly hair, the biggest brown eyes, is a total mama’s girl, chases the kitties non stop, loves playing on the beach and in the lake, loves the playground (especially the slide), she understands most things we say to her which is so crazy and she is currently a great sleeper (knock on wood).

harlow at 16 months

She loves to hold on to my hands and rock back and forth while singing (me, mama) row, row row your boat. She will just run over to me, grab my hands and say “row, row.” It’s so cute.

When food is hot, she tries to blow on it to cool it off, and it melts my heart every time.

When it is sleep time, or we are reading a book about sleep, she puts her finger over her mouth and says “shhhh.”

When anything happens, such as something falls on the floor, she puts both of her hands on her head and says “oh no.”

We’ve trained her to always think the stove and BBQ are hot so whenever she is near one she runs away as quickly as possibly, puts her arm out and says “hot.”  (the best she can say hot anyway) Even tonight, she was seriously concerned for me when I was cooking in front of the hot stove and kept saying “mama, mama, hot.”

When she coughs, I always remind her to cover her mouth which leads her to literally putting her hand on her mouth, not near it, despite me showing her how to do it a million times. It’s just too cute.

And a not so fun one that just started happening yesterday….she pulls her diaper off and thinks it is the most hilarious thing in the world! (This is where I want to put my hands on my head and say “oh no.”) Luckily she still sleeps in a sleep sack and we hopefully won’t have an issue with her taking the diaper off at night, but it will only be a matter of time before she figures out how to get that sleep sack off.

Clothes & shoes size – She can still fit in to some 9 month clothes and wears a lot of 12 months. The fall/winter clothes I have bought her are 12-18 months which actually look like they will be a little big on her. Her current shoe size is a 4.5 but we have just recently bought her some size 5’s which fit, but are a little big.

harlow at 16 months

Body parts she knows –  She can currently locate a belly button, ear, nose, eyes, lips & fingers.

Love/hate relationship – She either loves or hates bath time and brushing her teeth. There is no in between with these two.

And that’s a wrap on my sweet babe’s 16-17 month update!

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