Buy All the Jammies

I have a serious addiction to jammies. Why are they so cute? Over the summer I went nuts and bought all the jammies. Watermelon jammies, ice cream jammies, flamingo jammies, mermaid jammies, kitty jammies and the list goes on. Now that we are outgrowing those, I have been eying up some warmer weather jammies to snag. We aren’t ready for full on fleece since it is still 100 during the day, but the nights are getting cool and we are hoping for some fall weather soon.

I recently posted about our bed time sleep routine and that just wouldn’t be complete without a roundup of the jammies I am currently eyeing up!

Ps, how many times can one person say jammies in one post!? The answer is 10. Woops!


Mummy | Pink Monster | Cheetah | Dreaming is Free | Spots

Update: the spots have sold out. So sorry!

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