Halloween Costume Ideas

Last year, Harlow’s first Halloween, we had a major parent fail. We booked our first child free trip to Chicago over Halloween weekend and didn’t even realize it until a few weeks before we left. While she didn’t know the different and couldn’t care less, I still felt horrible for missing out on her first Halloween.

This year, I am planning early and trying to figure out a fun costume, especially because I am sure I will be making it and that will require some time. She will get to wear it a few times, once at daycare for their Halloween parade (how cute is that) and then for actual Halloween.  I’m also hoping Ciaran and I have some spare time to take some pictures of her like we did last year. I don’t know what people do for trick or treating in our new neighborhood, so I will have to ask some of the daycare parents for some pointers on the best places to go.

Harlow during Halloween season last year (2013)
Harlow during Halloween season last year (2013)
Harlow during Halloween season last year (2013)
Harlow during Halloween season last year (2013)
Impromptu mommy & daughter photo
Impromptu mommy & daughter photo
All 2013 photos taken by Ciaran.

Deciding on what she should be has actually been a little harder than I thought it would be. She still doesn’t watch cartoons, which means she doesn’t have a favorite character such as Minnie Mouse or Peppa Pig. I am not really in to Disney, other than Ariel from the Little Mermaid (so that is a contender). And then, an obvious choice in honor of our kitties, a black cat, which I had mentioned in a previous post.

While there are a million adorable costumes, it really needs to be practical since she will be wearing it to daycare. It also needs to be warm, since it will be cold by the time Halloween comes around. Carters and Pottery Barn have adorable & comfy costumes, but the problem with those are that all the ones I like all have hoods on them and Harlow refuses to wear anything that remotely touches her head. So basically, all of those easy costumes are out. And lets be honest, making a costume will be so much fun and up my alley.

So after a thorough Pinterest search, these are my top contenders!


  1. Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I love the idea of this, but the skirt would be impossible to walk in during the day, I would want to find a way to make it a bit more modest and a bit warmer. I feel like after doing all of that, it would take away from the costume. Same goes for the adorable romper. But how adorable is that romper. (Note to self – cute birthday party idea). For the pants, I was thinking I could add some tulle to the butt, but I don’t love the t shirt with the sea shells on it. So, I would need to think of an alternative top. Maybe sew a purple bathing suit top on to a tan leotard? Harlow doesn’t wear headbands anymore no matter how much I try to bribe her, so I would need to hot glue sea shells (or something) on to a clip, because she will wear a clip.
    Top row – Skirt & bikini top – A Mermaid Princess Etsy Shop | Romper – Belle Threads
    Bottom row – Pants & Pant/Shirt combo – Peace Love and Baby Shop (Etsy)



2. Pink Flamingo. Flamingos have been our jam this season. We have outdone ourselves in the flamingo department so I thought this would be a super cute idea. My main concern with the bottom photos (old Pottery Barn) is that there is a hood. Harlow doesn’t do hoods. SO, I would need to make a clip with a flamingo head on it, or something like that. And again, this will be worn to school, so I would need to make the feathers as a jacket or velcro to her back so she wouldn’t have to wear them all day. And of course probably would add some boa feathers to it! I saw a cute tutorial online somewhere where someone made little flamingo feet out of felt that you can velcro over your shoes, which I think is so adorable. I have seen a few other cute ideas that involve tulle skirts & sewing a flamingo on to a top, so those are all options as well.

Top row – (both photos) – The Wishing Elephant
Bottom row – Old Pottery Barn Costume – DIY tutorials can be found at The Pink Veranda and Bored Mommy


3. Black Cat. We have a black cat, Charlie, and we love him so. I’ve loved this costume for some time and it is by far the easiest choice. We already have black pants, I know how to make a tutu and the tutorial seems pretty fool proof. There wouldn’t be modifying and trying to figure out ways to keep Harlow warm, and the costume modest and I wouldn’t have to get creative to make sure the costume still looked like the theme, without comprising comfort. I may have already half convinced myself this is the way to go. And the momma that blogged about this costume is on my level with making the ears to be clips that you just put over pig tails. Love that!

Both pictures are from the blog Do It Yourself Divas

I will definitely document the DIY process once I decide on which costume to make.

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