Night Time Routine

A few of my friends have kids around the same age as Harlow and sleep is a topic we are constantly talking about. When Harlow was about 4 months old and I had just gone back to work, she was waking up 4-5 times a night. It was a total nightmare and I was literally … More Night Time Routine

Maternity Session

I wanted to share some of our maternity photos, even though Harlow is 16 months old. Never too late, right? We took the photos at my dad’s lake, by the same person/my friend  (Free Byrd) who did our gender reveal photos, and they turned out so well. We hung one of the photos in Harlow’s … More Maternity Session

Baby Shower Gifts

As a first time mom you need everything. It’s not like your wedding registry where you already live with your significant other and actually do have silverware, pots, pans & towels and your registry is just a mish mosh of random crap you don’t actually need. With first time parenthood, you really do need a snot … More Baby Shower Gifts


With motherhood comes judgment. From the second you tell someone you are pregnant the interrogation begins. Will you breast feed or formula feed? Epidural or au natural?  Will you co-sleep or have your baby in a crib/bassinet? If your answer does not fall in line with that particular person’s perspective of what they think is … More Judgment