Strawberry Waffles

I have a smoothie for breakfast every day during the week, but on the weekends I like to spice things up a bit and eat yummy things like breakfast sandwiches or strawberry waffles. Waffles are really easy to whip together and they make the house smell delicious first thing in the morning. Ingredients 2 cups … More Strawberry Waffles

Lettuce Tacos

Servings 4 I have a love for Mexican food but unfortunately all the yummy deliciousness of Mexican food isn’t quite on my eating plan these days. I’ve made these lettuce tacos twice now, each a little different. First Round The first time I made them was with tofu, the healthiest refried beans I could find … More Lettuce Tacos

Strawberry Shortcakes

Growing up in the central valley of Northern California we are surrounded by some of the best and freshest produce around. There is pretty much somebody selling fresh strawberries from their strawberry farm down the road on every street corner so it is no surprise that we use strawberries in lots of our meals whether … More Strawberry Shortcakes

Healthy Smoothie

I’m really into smoothies right now as they are great for the mornings when I am running late for work (always), serve as a great snack in between boot camp and volleyball and I even sometimes have them for dinner when I don’t have time to cook. With most things, there are so many variations … More Healthy Smoothie