Labor Day Weekend

Long weekends are always the best because I feel like we can be productive and still have time to do fun activities, like go to the lake. We started Saturday off with what is becoming our usual routine of going to Noah’s Bagels and Starbucks for breakfast. We had to go to Nordstrom to get … More Labor Day Weekend


With motherhood comes judgment. From the second you tell someone you are pregnant the interrogation begins. Will you breast feed or formula feed? Epidural or au natural?  Will you co-sleep or have your baby in a crib/bassinet? If your answer does not fall in line with that particular person’s perspective of what they think is … More Judgment

Civil Ceremony

Since Ciaran is originally from New Zealand, we had to go through the most intense process ever to get his finace visa. I swear, by the end of it, I knew every law there was to get a green card in this country. Seriously, if you ever need help with it send me a message … More Civil Ceremony

Christmas Banner

I have a thing for banners to the point where my husband commented on the fact that I make a banner for every single occasion possible. What can I say, they are cheap and easy to make. For my Christmas banner, I chose the phrase “Be Merry.” I chose this phrase mainly because I had … More Christmas Banner

DIY Advent Calendar

I really wanted to make my own advent calendar this year. I have very limited space in my house to hang one, so that definitely limited my options on what I could do. I wanted it to be something I could reuse year after year, so having something somewhat durable was part of the criteria.   … More DIY Advent Calendar

Where have I been?

Well, two and a half years have gone by without a blog post. That is just crazy and not acceptable. So much has happened in those 2.5 years. I got engaged, bought a condo, went to Indonesia to meet Ciaran’s family, got married (twice), got pregnant, adopted another cat and had a baby. We went … More Where have I been?