Meeting Santa

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I have officially kicked off the Christmas season. I love real Christmas trees, but with a baby who is on the verge of crawling and that puts everything in her mouth, we opted for a very little, fake tree (tear). I think for future years this will be her tree … More Meeting Santa

Christmas Banner

I have a thing for banners to the point where my husband commented on the fact that I make a banner for every single occasion possible. What can I say, they are cheap and easy to make. For my Christmas banner, I chose the phrase “Be Merry.” I chose this phrase mainly because I had … More Christmas Banner

DIY Advent Calendar

I really wanted to make my own advent calendar this year. I have very limited space in my house to hang one, so that definitely limited my options on what I could do. I wanted it to be something I could reuse year after year, so having something somewhat durable was part of the criteria.   … More DIY Advent Calendar

Glitter Mason Jars

I recently saw something on Pinterest about mason jars that are half dipped in gold glitter and I thought it was the cutest idea ever. I couldn’t really find any tutorials so I decided to try it out for myself so I could use them for my upcoming engagement party. Supplies 12 mason jars with … More Glitter Mason Jars